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Hearing aid direct input - FAQ

I have a Phonak PPCL hearing aid, which direct input shoe do I need?

Unfortunately you need to find the model name of the hearing aid, PPCL is not a model number just a general description of the hearing aid.

All Phonak hearing aids fall into a product group range by name eg Superfront. Markings such PP etc are not a unique descriptor e.g. there are PP-CP versions of both Classica and Picoforte 3 - its rather like GT for cars, many car ranges have GT models.

The letter markings simply mean as follows:
PP - Push Pull
C - Symmetrical peak clipping or diode muting
L - Low frequency emphasis
SC- Super compression
D - Directional microphone
AGC - Automatic Gain Control

To see the range of Phonak direct input shoes visit here.

Within the Phonak range of direct input shoes there are generally 3 types.

Normal - very dark blue base - for use with Connevans fmGenie, CRM-220 or personal stereo direct input leads.

Hearing aid microphone mute - black base - these shoes do what the name implies, rarely for domestic use unless troubled by environmental noise.

FM - (light grey base) - solely for use with Phonak MLx/MLxS,Connevans WDI or Lexis.

I hope this helps you - Connevans customer services.

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