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Auriol Junior School, Epsom, Surrey

Auriol Junior School provides mainstream primary education for 390 pupils at KS2 – Years 3-6. Hearing impaired children are integrated across the year groups alongside a number of pupils who have other special needs including language and communication disorders, attention deficit disorders (e.g. ADHD) and behavioural difficulties.

Soundfield systems were installed in the school hall, the ICT Suite and three classrooms in September 2006; they have proved so successful that Auriol has now installed Soundfield systems throughout the school.

All the hearing impaired children wear hearing aids or cochlear processors supported by fmGenie radio aid systems, which work in conjunction with Soundfield systems to provide the best listening experience and quality of sound for the student.

The children at Auriol like their soundfield system and enjoy their lessons more when it is in use. Fae and Mae, twins, age 10 who both wear cochlear implant processors with fmGenies, said, “I can hear better as the teacher’s voice is louder and can concentrate better without the distraction of other noises around” and “If the Soundfield system is on and I have my radio aid on, I can hear the teacher above all the noise.”

Meryl Hunt – Inclusion Manager and Teacher in Charge of Hearing Support – has a 70% hearing loss and thinks Soundfield is great! She said “I used to strain my voice on the days when I taught in classrooms without a Soundfield system. Now that all our classrooms have Soundfield installed I never have to raise my voice to be heard, even by pupils sitting at the back. Soundfield is really valuable when the class is involved in group discussions. If I want to attract one child’s attention I just have to say their name and I have their attention immediately. If all the children are engrossed in their own activities I speak through the Soundfield, get an immediate response and can engage the whole class again.

My ideal world would be Soundfield systems in all classrooms, in all schools and all teachers enthusiastically using them.”

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