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The fmGenie radio aid system - a letter from a user

My best friend the fmGenie

Dear John,

Thank you very much for helping me the other day, you will be pleased to know that I am now using the shoes, with the volume turned down to 4, and they are brilliant! I thought using the neck loop was a great improvement, but now with the shoes, I do not pick up the interferences from the office machinery as I go about doing my daily chores.

I have now been using the fmGenie for nearly two years now, what a difference it has made to my life, people have said I am not so quiet as I used to be, and I have come out of my world. My history John is that I have been hard of hearing since I was 2 years old. I started using the old box system when I was five, as you can imagine is those days it was a big thing, and the children teased me. As time went by technology changed until we are now with the digital hearing aids. What a difference!

However, my world was not complete, the phones at work were a nightmare and I had to know my products well so that I could help the customer. I used the hear bits of conversation on the phone, of course lip reading the customer was out of the question. Meetings were always a nightmare, my first job was to read all the minutes, and then hope I can get some idea of what is being decided and then I kept pestering for the minutes to be written so that I found out what I had to do. When we had a presentation, well I must just as well sit there and fall asleep, there was no way I was going to hear anything.

With ever changing technology in the office, the Call Centre appeared, and when I was told that the job I was doing was going to be changed to a Customer Service Advisor on the Call Centre, you can imagine what a worry that was. Therefore, when I met you for the first time, you could see how hard I was struggling, going home with a headache nearly everyday that I worked. So enter the fmGenie system into my life, and boy what a change, you could see straightaway when we had that meeting from my body language that I was hearing perfectly well and without a struggle. Now my fmGenie is my best friend, telephone work is a doddle, so much so that the bonuses that I received back then brought me my little car. Sadly, I was laid off, but not to worry, as I went to my next job on the Call Centre of Crawley Borough Council. Again no problem with the Call Centre jobs, meetings are fun and I take the minutes (I would never to do that before), presentations are no problems, infact people sitting next to me who are of normal hearing ask me what is being said. It just does not stop there, I can hear the CD player and the television (used to use subtitle, as we know not all programme have them) without having the volume on the sets, (how about that, my kids are jealous). Now you know my system is set up for a range of 50 metres, so I can be in the kitchen singing to music or in the garden, and yes, upstairs doing the dusting is just pleasurable when you are listing to your favourite track. However, when the kids are downstairs, I can here if any bickering is going on, and they get told off, you then here them say, how did mum do that we never got told off before, but now she can hear everything. (Ah, that still brings water to my eyes). Hubby no longer gets away with now, he has to do the jobs around the house.

I have done presentations on the system, for the Guides and Scout movement, and am involved as Governor of the school. Yes, you do get people showing an interest, but that is great because once they see your equipment, they are more aware of your problem, and will endeavour to speak clearly and not shout! Friends and colleagues are always fascinated with the system and wish they could enjoy the benefits. The system itself is fantastic, for all the usage that I have and it is every day, plus a few accidents when I have dropped my receiver box, it has never broken down. That is impressive! I just cannot believe that in nearly two years, I have not been back once to have it fixed, yes John I know I have since you one or twice, but that is only to change the settings for my requirement.

So John, thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and all your team for a great product, great after sale care service and to all your expertise, I for one will gladly come back to you when this system needs replacing through old age and wear and tear. I can say John, the system is value for money, for what you get and what you can do with it, and the fact it is still going strong after 2 years, well to me it is an investment and not an expense! Please keep up your good work with the product and service, and I have other items that I have also brought through Connevans and glad to say they are doing brilliantly as well.

Yours sincerely,

Gabriella Upton

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