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We are here to make buying and chosing products to help deaf and hard of hearing people as easy as possible.

Our shopping website is Europe's biggest online shop for deaf and hard of hearing people.

There is a host of equipment on this website to make life easier for people, much of which many people tell us that they never knew existed - enjoy your browsing, do contact us if we can help.

We have lots of exciting features designed to make your shopping experience simpler and even more enjoyable - we have additional product images, accessibility for those with sight difficulties and all prices are shown both inclusive and exclusive of VAT. Furthermore, we've split the information about each product into tabs, designed to make finding the information you're looking for much faster.

We are very proud of the Connevans online shopping website  - we doubt you will find a more comprehensive website of products for deaf and hard of hearing people elsewhere (do let us know if you do!).

Visit here to see some equipment solutions for some common questions.

Prompted by requests from customers we have produced the following conversion list, including manufacturer part numbers, for products available from the Action on Hearing Loss (RNID) shop and also the RNID ( solutions product catalogue - follow this link.

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