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The countdown to installing a Connevans Hall Sound System

When placing an order for a Hall Sound system there are a number of questions that Connevans need answering to ensure that you have a system to match your expectations and that the installation can be carried out efficiently.

Likewise there are also a number of questions that we regularly get asked so we include some typical FAQ's to help you.

 The information that Connevans need to know.

 1) Admin contact Name:

 2) Position in organisation:

 3) Contact telephone number:

 4) Contact email address:

 5) Delivery address:

 6) Size of hall:

 7) What is the general construction of the hall?

 8) What is the hall used for?

 9) Is the configuration of the hall always the same?

 10) Rough plan of hall layout showing doors, windows and other fixed equipment. An indication as to where you would like the wall cupboard fitted would be helpful:

Please supply digital photographs of the hall if possible as they are very helpful to us.

It is the physical layout and use of hall for school activities from a convenience/ease of use/health and safety point of view that we need your advice about.

 11) Our standard systems include one collarworn wirefree microphone for the main speaker and a handheld wirefree transmitter for 'guest' use - we also include a floor stand for the handheld microphone. Are these two microphones adequate for your use?

 12) When ordering a standard system do you wish to add any additional items such as CD player or additional radio microphones?

The hall sound system equipment is fitted in a lockable wall mounted rack mount cupboard. If you have any thoughts that you may wish to add additional items in the future then have the wall cupboard upgraded to a larger size,  it will cost less than £25.00 now, hundreds later!.

Note: a 13 amp socket is required within 1 metre of the planned cupboard position. Our installers are not authorised to fit mains sockets, so if there is no convenient socket you will need to have one installed by others.

We are able to install the system if necessary before the power socket has been fitted, at least it would then be fitted in the correct place!

 13) Do you have any existing audio equipment - TV, CD etc. - which you would like to use with the new hall sound system?

 14) Do you have users of fmGenie or CRM-220 radio aid systems in the school? - if so which radio aid transmitter will you be using when they are also using the hall?

 15) There will probably be six wall mounted speakers. Is there wall space to fit the wall mounted speakers? Some hall walls are already full with climbing frames, windows and screens.

 16) Are the potential speaker mounting points able to be drilled into? We cannot fit to window frames. We also cannot fit to metal or pre-fabricated pillars.

Installation information

Prior to the installation we will send you a pallet loaded with the equipment. We fully understand that you will be unlikely to handle moving pallets, so under the plastic wrapping the equipment is packed in movable size/weight boxes. You will need a pair of scissors to remove the plastic wrap, it is not necessary to open these boxes but we would ask you to count them, the number should match the stated number on the outside of the pallet. Please store the boxes in a safe place until the time of installation, the insurance risk passes to yourselves once you receive the equipment.

Because the installers are neither based at nor travel from the factory each day, it is not possible for the installer to bring the equipment with them, hence the reason why it is pre-despatched to you.

Who are the installers?

Connevans uses approved installers covering the various areas of the UK. All the contractors have their own liability insurance, they will be pleased to provide documentary evidence if required. It will be the installer who will contact you to arrange the installation date.

During the installation.

A typical hall system is installed in 1 or 2 days (depending upon the number of installers). The installer will require uninterrupted access to the hall between typically 8am and 4pm for the duration of the installation. Whilst a lunch break will be taken they must be able to leave equipment, ladders etc. in an 'open' state so it is unacceptable for others to use the hall during this period.

We understand that some halls are used for school lunches, this can be accommodated, but there will be an increase in both installation time and cost.

System demonstration and training

Free during installation but chargeable at a later time.

It is vitally important that somebody on the staff takes 'ownership' of the use and operation of the hall sound system. However good our operating instructions the school needs somebody trained in the use of the system, it is expensive for you to request a service visit just to re-adjust control knobs, plug in a lead, fit a new battery or open the door catch - all of which have happened!

The designated soundfield support person should be 'on site' during the installation, to ensure that the equipment is fitted in the correct place and to sign off the installation. During the installation the soundfield support person will be able to familiarise themselves with the use and operation of the equipment, taking advantage of the opportunity to have their demonstration and training while the installer is still on site.

There will be an additional charge if the installer is asked to revisit for training because everybody has gone home when the installation is completed!

The warranty is on a 'return to supplier' basis, on site servicing can be provided but is chargeable, please contact customer services if you would like further information on servicing.

If you have a local AV service Connevans is happy to work with them as your service provider. 

Standard Connevans Hall Sound systems

Details of the standard Connevans Hall Sound systems is given in a pdf document available from Connevans soundfield brochure - and also in the soundfield section of the Connevans catalogue.

Frequently asked questions

 We are in the process of developing this document, more FAQ's will added shortly and the updated document posted to our website as per the above links.

     Does Connevans offer free telephone support for their Hall Soundfield Systems?


    What is the warranty?

The equipment is covered by a 'return to supplier' 1 year warranty, subject to the usual terms.

    Can we request a visit from Connevans.

Yes we offer chargeable maintenance or general support/training visits.

     The Hall Sound System has now stopped working, can I have a warranty service visit please?

The warranty is on a 'return to supplier' basis - on site service warranty would have a much higher original purchase cost - having said that, please do talk with us as we can certainly call in if one of us happens to be in the area.

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