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Former NHS hearing aids: 

BE36 DPS45G Philips shoe
BE37D D-13DAI Starkey shoe
BE38 has no direct audio input
BE39FX DUI Unitron shoe
BE51 no direct audio input
BE52 no direct audio input
BE53 no direct audio input

BE54 no direct audio input
BE54D DAM800 A&M shoe
BE55D - DUUS Unitron shoe
BE56D DD155 GN Danavox shoe
BE56MkII No shoe is available for this aid
BE56MkIII DVT6 GN Viennatone 180
BE101 no direct audio input
BE104 no direct audio input
BE105 no direct audio input
BE201 DAPH Oticon shoe

BW83 Danavox 107 body aid - the lead looks like a standard eurolead, but is not! Available leads for CRM-220 are: DD107S30 single lead 30cm or DD107Y75 75cm Y lead. Not available for fmGenie.
BW84 GNResound Viennatone 515. It takes a standard CRM-220 europlug lead.

Other hearing aids:

GN Resound 270D - no direct audio input available

Please note that very few in-the-ear hearing aids have direct audio input and those that do use non-standard leads.  We are not aware of any in-the-canal hearing aids that have direct audio input.


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