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Wireless doorbells

I need help choosing which door chime to buy, what do they sound like?

Listen to them here

I require a single bell push with four chime points with the ability to isolate the system is this possible?

No problem, both the Libra+, Evo and Greenbrook doorchimes would be able to offer this system.

You cannot turn off the door bell push but you can turn off the individual wireless chimes.

The wirefree doorchime systems that we supply can be seen at our online website here.

If you decide on the Libra+ system then start with one of the systems perhaps the Libra+ FD914 which has a chime sound and/or a flashing light for silent use. Then add some more additional chimes.

If you decide on the Greenbrook system, purchase four systems and just use 1 bell push click here to see and purchase the Greenbrook wirefree chime - if you like the idea of having all the wirefree chime units to have a sound and flash option it is a nice solution and cheaper than 4 Libra units with a flashing light.

Is there an alternative to having to carry my Libra+ unit around the house with me?

Yes, you can purchase additional wirefree chime units to have in different rooms around the house, visit our online store here.

How does it work?

Our example system here will alert you to the front door, back door and somebody who is immobile. Purchasing two Libra+ chime kits provides bell push units for front and back doors and two chimes to give reasonable sound coverage upstairs and downstairs. The purchase of an additional push unit will extend the system to include a call trigger point.


2 x Libra+ wireless chime kits of your choice

1 x additional Libra+ bell push

You can purchase Libra+ system units, at our online store here.

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