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Fire & CO alarms

Fire alarm systems

In the event of a fire, it is essential that everyone is alerted
immediately. You are much more likely to die in a fire at
home if you haven’t got a smoke alarm.
A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to
the danger of fire, giving you time to escape.

You may already have a fire alarm system at home which will work well for most people with hearing aids during the day ... at night they
are vulnerable when they are not wearing their hearing aids.

No person should rely on others to wake them so it is important you install a system which will alert a deaf or hard of hearing person.

We offer a range of specially-designed smoke alarm systems which will alert a deaf person by a flashing light or vibrating bed shaker if there is a fire.

To help you narrow down which will suit you best, try answering these questions as a starting point:.

1. What fire alarm provision do you have at present?

New build houses have had smoke alarm systems installed for many years.

If you have a system already and know the make and model we can tell you if the manufacturer has a strobe or bed shaker add on.

2. If there is a system, is everything interconnected?

ie. If one smoke alarm goes off, do all the others go off too?

a. It is important that you have a fully interconnected system when adding in a bedshaker or strobe.

For example, a downstairs fire must activate the system in the bedroom.
The Fire Service recommend fitting a minimum of one interlinked smoke detector per floor.

b. If the manufacturer does not have a bed shaker alert option, our suggestion would be to use a PPS433 vibrating pager.

c. If an existing system is not interconnected you will need to start again!

Top tip:
Choose a wirefree system because they are by far the easiest to install!

A wired system may be cheaper, but will disturb the decoration in your home, will take much longer to install and might require the
help of an electrician.

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