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I am taking flying lesson can you supply a connector for me to use headphones with a conventional jack plug? (Summary)

I have searched your catalogue but can't find what I'm looking for. I'm approaching you because I'm a cochlear implantee and have used your equipment before. My needs may be a "special". I'm taking flying lessons and the headphones supplied have 2 jack plug endings, which plug into the cockpit dashboard. One for the Radio and one for the Mic. I want two such jacks joined to provide one "normal" jack socket into which I can plug my own set of headphones (much more comfortable) which end in one plug. There is a small complication in the two plugs that go into the dashboard are of each of a different size. Are you able to supply such an item ?


    There are a number of issues including; we believe aircraft headphones are high impedance so conventional 32 Ohm ones would not work and also you would need to have the correct impedance matched microphone - that is why the connectors do not allow you to use your own - plus of course you may need to have any modification inspected and approved?

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