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Please explain how the fmGenie dual channel team teaching facility using a second transmitter works.

Since approximately June 2006 fmGenie receivers have a new dual channel capability. These dual channel fmGenie receivers are identified by a change of part number to FMG121 (previously FMG120).

The fmGenie dual channel facility is referred to by some people as a 'Team teaching' facility. The Connevans fmGenie dual channel facility operates by allowing the user to 'jump' between two transmitter channels - we believe that listening to one transmitter at a time is preferable to mixing the sound from two transmitters, which could cause confusion in many situations.

Once the facility is activated the user uses an up or down channel button to 'instantly' change between the two transmitter channels. The two chosen channels may be any in the channel set.

There are at least four prime uses for the dual channel team teaching facility.

  • When there is a learning support assistant for the fmGenie user - both the teacher and the learning support assistant wear transmitters on different channels, the learning support assistant preferably using a headworn microphone. The fmGenie user can then easily choose to listen to either person as required.
  • fmGenie users with AV/multimedia presentations - multimedia sound is increasingly used in teaching, using two transmitters - one for the tutor and the other connected to the AV/multimedia sound - the fmGenie user can then easily choose to listen to either transmitter as required.
  • In group discussion two fmGenie transmitters (used with their internal microphone) may be handed around the group and chosen in turn.
  • In a work environment an fmGenie user may wish to use two transmitters to allow switching between listening to the telephone and other colleagues or PC.

fmGenie dual channel team teaching facility

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