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Teacher speaks at normal voice level avoiding voice strain.

Soundfield amplification means that everyone hears at the same level wherever seated within the room, maintaining interest and attention.

Soundfield Voice Amplification Systems - Integrated solutions for effective listening

article by Gareth Pont, BSc (Hons), CEng, MIEE, Director, Connevans Limited

Soundfield voice amplification systems are recommended by the DfES for use in classrooms and other teaching spaces. These systems are cost effective, simple to install and operate, and are proven to be highly effective in improving attention, concentration and the academic results of students. They also benefit the teacher or presenter by reducing vocal strain and fatigue.

Schedule E to BB93 has introduced a regulatory regime for the acoustics in schools including both the acoustic performance required of teaching spaces and recommendations for the performance of integrated Soundfield systems.

Connevans Limited manufactures cost effective high quality wireless Soundfield systems meeting and exceeding the requirements of BB93. They are also suitable as part of a strategy to meet DDA requirements. These systems are easy to integrate into newbuild schools and other teaching environments or to retro-fit at a later date. Various speaker options permit total invisibility of sound sources in a suspended ceiling by using the advanced flat panel 'NXT' style speaker drivers. Our RIBA listed flat panel system is easy to fit to any number of existing ceiling tiles with no need to order matching tile patterns. Of course, we also supply wall mounted speakers.

The remainder of the system consists of a secure, lockable, compact steel wall cabinet containing a high fidelity wireless receiver, audio mixer and power amplifier, and one or more wireless microphones. The classroom sized systems operate wirelessly using Infra-Red technology (similar to a TV remote control) whereas the hall sized systems usually operate with radio technology. The presenter(s) wear a small pocket sized wireless IR transmitter with a collar-worn, head-worn or lavaliere microphone. Hand held microphones are also available for roving or stand use.

The use of Infra-Red technology ensures that there is no limit to the number of systems that may be used simultaneously on a site and that the transmissions can be made totally secure in sensitive areas.

Connevans Soundfield systems are easily integrated with modern presentation systems such as whiteboards and multimedia sources along with audio and audio-visual sources. A versatile five channel audio mixer is included as standard in the secure wall unit. With a Connevans Soundfield system, our audio technology will bring out the best of the installed (or portable!) audio-visual technology.

Modern technology has made a huge difference to the range of provision available for hearing impaired people, especially in an educational environment. Our Soundfield systems are easily integrated with the traditional audio frequency induction loops and the much better performing personal fm or infra red systems for the hard of hearing. Connevans Limited is a long established family run company specializing in high quality assistive listening products for education.

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