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Do you have any hearing aid battery tips and information?

Zinc air hearing aid batteries
Hearing aid batteries have a zinc air chemical action where air is required for the battery to work. Zinc air hearing aid batteries are supplied with a removable tab and the chemical action is started when the tab is removed. The current advice from manufacturers is to wait around 3 minutes in open air to allow the chemical action to get going before fitting a battery into a hearing aid.

I have also seen reports on social media saying that people find that hearing aid batteries last noticeable longer if you wait at least 5 minutes before fitting into a hearing aid.

As hearing aids have become smaller the air space around the battery has also reduced and if a hearing aid battery is not fully activated before fitting the life will be dramatically reduced. Unfortunately if a battery is not properly activated in the beginning you don’t get a second chance.

Once activated by removing the tab the chemical reaction will continue, even if the tab is replaced, and self discharge will also continue over around a month.

Hearing aid battery testers
A hearing aid battery tester is good for sorting between good and bad batteries that have been in use for a while. Because of the air activation of a hearing aid battery you must wait at least 3 minutes before using a battery tester to check a battery – some zinc air hearing aid battery manufacturers say that it can take up to a couple of hours to reach its full 1.45v battery voltage.

When using a hearing aid battery tester only hold a battery in the tester for the minimum time possible, the tester tests the battery under load and the longer you test the battery for the more you will shorten its life!

Please also note that you cannot test a battery that has not yet been activated (ie still has its tab on).

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