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Hearing aids at work


I'm hearing impaired and am supported by access to work. I am in need of a portable loop, I have looked through your catalogue to see which equipment is required for my need when I attend meetings/conference and have found the Connevans ILD100 portable loop kit.
What equipment do you suggest?

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Please can you tell me if there is a loop system that I can wear around my neck and with with my hearing aid T loop pickup. I am a Bank Cashier and require something that is portable because I don't always sit on the same till position and I want to hear the Customers more clearly. I really need to be able to walk around with this attached to me. Have you any suggestions?

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Hi. My father is very deaf - only hearing with the strongest in ear aid. I would like to get hold of something to help with him attending meetings and talks - I suppose a microphone that can go near or worn by the speaker, with a receiver he can hold and tune in to.
Any ideas? Thanks, Philip ...

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