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Hearing aid direct input - FAQ

'How do you fit a direct input shoe?' and 'How do I get my hearing aid direct input working?'

Interesting questions and not always as straight forward as you would expect, let us start with some general advice.

When you had your hearing aid fitted, the clinic should have explained how your hearing aid works including the facilities that it has - and this should include whether the aid has direct input and if it does how it works. You should also have been given the user instructions for your hearing aid.

Unfortunately 'should' are the crucial words. Connevans would certainly advise returning to your clinic for them to give you the correct specific advice for your hearing aid - but below you will find some pointers that may help you.

Obvious advice, next time you visit your hearing aid clinic make sure you ask them to fully explain how your hearing aid works. Discuss with them the situations that you find your hearing aid good and bad - it will probably be worth asking for a session with a hearing therapist who would be able to demonstrate equipment to help you get the most from your hearing aid - an inductive loop for the TV is a good example - purchase information on Domestic loop amplifiers here - or personal stereo direct input leads is another - purchase information personal stereo direct input leads here -.

Your hearing aid is an important part of your life, why not ask your hearing aid clinic if your partner or friend can join you when they are explaining things about hearing aid?

When your digital hearing aids are fitted we suggest that you ask for a printout of how they have been programmed. As far as we aware all hearing aid programming software is able to do this and the printout could be very helpful in the future, follow here to see an example printout - when you have opened the pdf remember to use the zoom feature if you wish to make the print larger. As an alternative to a paper printout it is possible to have an exported file of how the hearing aid has been programmed which can be emailed.

The method of direct input connection varies from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer, it is impossible for us to cover all aids but following this link will take you to our website page where we have video clips of connecting a direct input shoe for some hearing aids.

I hope we have been able to help you - Connevans customer services.

David Evans has prepared a presentation to give those new to digital hearing aids some basic information - A beginners guide to digital hearing aids - with no technical jargon, click on the 'Slide show' icon at the bottom right of the first screen to run the presentation.

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