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Hello Mary, I am a teacher of Lipreading and I use an Echo megaloop in my classes with great success. However one of my members has the same system at home and is insisting that it is faulty, saying the sound is "echoey". He brought it to the class for me to try and as a hearing aid user, I tried it and found no fault with it. He is very insistent and I am at a loss as to how to advise him. He says he has sent it back to the manufacturer but told there is nothing wrong with it. He is raising this matter every week, clearly unhappy.
Do you have any suggestions as to how I can help this man - maybe it is his hearing aid which is faulty? Or the controls need adjusting on the megaloop?
I would welcome your advice, he is most persistent. Thank you. Linda.

    Dear Linda

    How is he using the mega loop please - and how is it connected? When you tried it, do I take it that he was not there e.g. possibly you took it home to try for him rather than you both being able to listen at the time to see if what you heard was different in any way - would it be possible for you to listen together?

    If he is using a mic for sound pick up? For example the problem may lie with where he places the mic or with the sound source (eg TV speaker) itself.

    Another question I often ask people with equipment problems is "did it ever work?" and if so "has anything changed?"

    Hope this will be of some help.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



Hello Mary, Many thanks for your prompt and helpful reply.

Unfortunately we have no Lipreading class next week because they need our room for the voting, so I will not see the person till the following week. However you have raised some very helpful questions to think about, so hopefully I can help this man resolve his difficulties. I do appreciate your advice and will let you know how we get along.

Best wishes, Linda

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