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Meetings and talks - equipment to help hearing aid user

Hi. My father is very deaf - only hearing with the strongest in ear aid. I would like to get hold of something to help with him attending meetings and talks - I suppose a microphone that can go near or worn by the speaker, with a receiver he can hold and tune in to.
Any ideas? Thanks, George ..

Hello George,

A radio aid is the best equipment to look at - please follow this link for an explanation why.

Radio systems are excellent, however a large meeting situation where lots of different people are speaking around the table is one of the most difficult one to hear in - conference microphones are good but as the catalogue says "many users of the fmGenie require to use their system in group situations. Whilst it is not possible to replicate the same quality obtained from a microphone worn on the person, the Connevans fmGenie/or CRM220 conference microphone successfully increases the distance of useful sound pick-up." It is possible to use a conference microphone with either (or both) the transmitter and the receiver.

Please follow this link to see a user's comments on the fmGenie radio microphone system.

This letter happens to be from an fmGenie user but the CRM220 has many similarly enthusiastic users . I have some information from a very enthusiastic user who regularly asks me to send information on the CRM220 to friends and colleagues - I have requested a copy of his notes via email and will forward them to you as soon as I receive them.

I look forward to hearing from you when you have had a chance to look at the links.

Kind regards

Mary Cann

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