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Hearing aids and headphones - FAQ

I am completely deaf on my left side and have impaired hearing on my right where I wear a hearing aid which has a 'T' facility. Is there any product available which would give me the benefit of stereo sound in one ear as I sometimes want to listen to music when we have young grandchildren staying overnight?

Yes, we have some suggestions which may help you.

Firstly, by saying that you would like stereo sound we assume that you are actually looking for both of the stereo channels to be combined into a one channel mono sound so you can listen with one hearing aid on 'T'.

Option 1: If you wish to listen with either one hearing aid on 'T' to a personal player (such as a personal CD player which is normally used with 3.5mm headphones) then we would suggest one of our neck loops which is wired to combine the 2 stereo channels on a mono signal. Click here for our selection of personal inductive listening loops.

Option 2: If you wish to listen with either one hearing aid on 'T' to a Hi-Fi system without anybody else in the room hearing anything (and you do not wish to be tied with the lead from a personal loop), then we would suggest using a room loop either plugged into the Hi-Fi headphone socket or into a suitable audio out connection (SCART or phono). Follow here to see our range of domestic room loop amplifiers , and here to see a feature comparison chart.

Should you want advice on the suitability of your hearing aid for use with a loop amplifier we would suggest arranging an appointment with the hearing therapist at your hearing aid clinic who will have knowledge of your hearing aid and hearing loss and will be able to advise you.

Option 3: If you wish to listen with either one hearing aid on 'T' to a Hi-Fi or TV and you would like to avoid the complication of needing to fit a loop wire around the room then we would suggest one of our Wireless Assistive Listening Products. Follow here to see our Wireless Assistive Listening products for use by hearing aid users.

Can I use the above equipment if I have two hearing aids?


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