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Oticon Hearing Aid ConnectLine Streamer Pro FAQs

What is the new ConnectLine Pro App i have heard about?
In May 2014 Oticon have released an updated version of their ConnectLine Pro streamer which can be used with the new ConnectLine App for iPhone (iPhone 5s, 5c,5,4s & 4) to turn the iPhone into a smart remote control via the Streamer Pro 1.2.


I have heard that there are two versions of the Oticon ConectLine Pro 1.2, what is the difference?

With the Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro 1.1 the streamer needed to be paired with the hearing aid by an audiologist. With the introduction of the new iPhone app compatible ConnectLine Streamer pro version 1.2, Oticon have made available two options.

a)      Requiring pairing / linking – exactly the same as previously

b)      An open version which does not require pairing / linking. In making the product open, to avoid listening to the streamer of somebody sitting beside you, the range of the streamer to the hearing aid is slightly reduced and the ‘open’ streamer Pro must be worn using the neck strap around the neck.

Apart from the mode of wearing the ConnectLine Streamer Pro, one factor that we would suggest you consider is how easy for you is it to visit your audiologist because in the event of the product being replaced you would need to re-visit your audiologist to get the replacement paired with your hearing aid.

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