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Personal Soundfield case and amplified speakers for an fmGenie

Personal Soundfield

Personal Soundfield on deskPrompted by requests from customers Connevans have introduced a personal soundfield option for use with an fmGenie receiver. The speaker unit is placed on the user's desk and generates a low level sound, loud enough to benefit the user but not loud enough to be intrusive to the rest of the class.

Individual personal soundfield systems are not widely favoured in the UK, however they are a useful solution in some situations such as for cochlear implantees who have not been reviewed and fitted with a personal radio aid system.

Personal Soundfield with fmgenie receiverThe fmGenie volume control adjusts the speaker volume and can be easily set by the user. The top flap of the case has a velcro fixing. The left of the case accepts an fmGenie belt pouch and the right side has a finger hold strap and access to the speaker on/off switch.

We advise the use of an collar, ear or headworn microphone with the transmitter to reduce the chance of feedback.

Size: 175 x 125 x 80m case only, 200 x 125 x 80mm inc. fmGenie & pouch. Weight: 119g. Weight incl. speakers, fmGenie & pouch: 468g.

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