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I am using the Roger Pen but the LED is showing as a constant red. I have put it onto its stand. The pen seems to be linking to my hearing aids but none of the other buttons seem to have an effect and I can’t switch it off.

We would firstly suggest you try a reset on the Roger Pen. You can do this by pressing 4 buttons - the two phone buttons, the on/off button and the microphone button - all at the same time for approximately 5-10 seconds. The Pen will then do a reset.

Secondly, we would suggest trying to charge the Roger Pen on a different socket (ensuring it is turned on!) and use the charging cable directly into the bottom of the Pen, without using the docking station.

What are the differences between the Roger inspiro and the Roger Pen transmitters when used with Roger Focus receivers?

The inspiro has facilities for monitoring the performance of the Focus Receiver(s) using the display screen and the ‘Check’ facility. The Roger Pen only has the multi-coloured indicated light to tell you what is going on.

The inspiro can be worn round the neck with the supplied lanyard or worn on the belt with the supplied belt clip. It does not have any conference or directional microphone facility.

The Roger Pen can be worn around the neck with the lanyard supplied. It can also be used for round table discussions by placing it flat on the table when it will automatically change to its conference mode. The Roger Pen also has a highly directional mode if it is held between vertical and horizontal.

The Roger Pen cannot be used in conjunction with the inspiro as they won’t work together in a network. You can however use several inspiros together or several Roger Pens together in a network.

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