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Digital hearing aids - FAQ

When I change between programmes on my new Phonak digital hearing aid there are various beeps, what do they mean.

With Phonak digital hearing aids

1 beep = programme 1
2 beeps = programme 2
3 beeps = programme 3

You will need to ask the hospital which programme is intended for which situation as they may not have activated all programmes. For Phonak digital hearing aids two additional programmes for direct input or FM programmes may be activated.

The two direct input programmes are indicated by 'beep bop beep' or 'bop beep bob' (or to misquote Shakespere, to beep or not to beep that is the question!). Now whilst the audiologist may have done all sorts of things when programming the hearing aid e.g. using a normally FM programme for 'T' we can definitely say that for Phonak hearing aids (excluding Aeros which only beep) if there are no beep bops then direct input has not been activated.

bop - beep - bop = usually, direct input (FM) + hearing aid microphone
beep - bop - beep = usually, direct input (FM) only

Demonstration of changing programmes on a Phonak Supero - remember to check that your computer sound is on!

(If you are a hearing aid user who finds it difficult to hear computer sound we have an information sheet on listening to a computer with hearing aids.)


Follow here to see an example printout record showing how a pair of Phonak Supero hearing aids have been programmed.

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