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Hearing aid direct input - FAQ

Please can you tell me if there is a loop system that I can wear around my neck and with with my hearing aid T loop pickup. I am a Bank Cashier and require something that is portable because I don't always sit on the same till position and I want to hear the Customers more clearly. I really need to be able to walk around with this attached to me. Have you any suggestions?

We would suggest a personal fm radio aid system to work with your existing hearing aids.

We supply several different radio aid systems, but as you have a slightly unusual situation I would advise considering an fmGenie system with a conference microphone. It should be possible to 'push' the microphone under the security window to pick up the customer's voice. Being radio based yhou are still free to walk around and as it's portable you can easily move it to a different position.

You have not said what hearingaids you have, but systems to use with either direct input or neckloop using a 'T' pickup are available.

Details are on our website follow this link the appropriate QFMG4 pack (direct input or T Loop) would be suitable.

General information on the fmGenie can be found here.

I hope this helps you - Connevans customer services.

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