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Radio Aid Systems from Connevans

Radio aids or fm systems are used by most deaf students in schools and universities. They are personal wireless systems which are particularly important for noisy situations – such as a classroom!

FM systems come in different shapes and sizes but they all work by wirelessly feeding the sound from a microphone transmitter worn by the teacher, into a receiver worn by the student. The receiver will then send the sound to the user’s hearing aids or cochlear implant processors.

Connevans fm Radio Aid Systems – first for performance and value

Connevans fm radio aid systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people.

They can make a real difference in a variety of situations, including education, business and domestic environments.

With a radio aid, users no longer feel excluded from discussions or risk missing valuable information.

How can an fm Radio Aid help?

In crowded situations or when a voice source is more than arm’s length away, hearing aid users can find background noise levels as loud as the voice they want to hear.

An fm radio aid greatly improves the clarity of sound by allowing a human voice, or another sound source, to be fed electronically into the listening device – reducing background noise and sound loss between speaker and listener.

How is an fm Radio Aid used?

Radio aids work with the user’s hearing aid, cochlear implant processor or just headphones.

A transmitter is worn by the person speaking and a receiver by the listener. The system is wireless, can be worn discreetly and allows for complete freedom of movement.

Durability – a key feature of Connevans fm radio aids – makes them ideally suitable for both adults and children.

Are fm Radio Aid Systems suitable for anyone?

Radio aid systems benefit everyone able to use their hearing aids, or implant processor, to understand speech without total reliance on lip reading.

Use with headphones can benefit people who need help concentrating in lectures.

If in doubt, ask your audiologist for advice.

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