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Connevans Environmental Policies

Everyone is becoming aware of the need to recycle as much as possible to save the finite resources of our planet and to limit the ecological damage that we humans do by throwing so much stuff into landfill.

Please do your bit by reycling your waste electrical goods, batteries and packaging responsibly. Find your nearest recycling points and useful recycling tips by visiting


Recycling and the WEEE Directive

The European-wide WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive requires that WEEE is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at the end of its working life which minimizes the impact on the environment and promotes the highest possible level of reuse and recycling.

Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 3289 requires that WEEE must not be disposed of along with normal household waste.

Connevans Customer Responsibilities

WEEE can be disposed of through your local civic amenities site, an approved treatment facility or alternatively through a relevant compliance scheme such as the one Connevans now operates.

In order to improve facilities for customers to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), Connevans pays a membership charge on our customers' behalf to a Distributor Take Back Scheme. The scheme provides funding for local authorities to enhance the WEEE takeback facilities in their civic amenity sites.  This allows our customers to dispose of WEEE through the local civic amenity site without further charge.

Click on to find your local recycling facility.

Connevans WEEE distributor take back scheme membership no. 300491.

Connevans Responsibilities

As a "producer", Connevans has a legal responsibility to provide a return service from our customers for our obligated WEEE. Connevans will accept the return of obligated WEEE at no charge but carriage to Connevans is the customer's responsibility. Obligated WEEE will be accepted at our registered offices free of charge by prior arrangement. Alternatively, private customers may dispose of waste Connevans branded equipment at their local Civic Amenity site and business customers may dispose of waste Connevans branded equipment either through their normal WEEE recycling scheme or by arranging a collection through our Producer Compliance Scheme operator, WeeCare PLC. Collections of WEEE above 300kg are free of charge.

Connevans is defined as a producer under the WEEE Regulations because we sell own brand Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) in the UK. Connevans pays a membership charge on our customers' behalf to WeeeCare Plc and the Environment Agency. Membership of this scheme fulfils our obligations in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006.

Connevans' Environment Agency Producer Registration Number is WEE/FK2233XZ and this is our certificate.

Connevans Obligated WEEE

This is defined as Connevans branded EEE which is marked with a crossed wheelie bin and date bar, falling within the scope of the regulation, or EEE from any producer being replaced with Connevans branded products in a like-for-like replacement. Like-for-like means "of equivalent type" or EEE that "fulfils the same function" as the supplied equipment.

The crossed out wheelie bin symbol indicates that the product must not be disposed of in unsorted municipal waste.

Other Producers' Obligated WEEE

This is EEE that other producers have a legal obligation to collect under the WEEE Regulations.

The Environment Agency has made an initial list of registered producers available which may be viewed click here.

Non-obligated WEEE

This is WEEE that falls outside the scope of the regulation, or does not have a crossed out wheelie bin or date mark on and is not being replaced with Connevans branded EEE as a like-for-like replacement.

Connevans reserves the right not to accept other producers' obligated WEEE and a charge will be levied if customers require to dispose of other producers' obligated WEEE through the Connevans WEEE recovery service.

Connevans WEEE Recovery Service

For our WEEE recovery service options, please email us with details of the products to be recycled and we will reply with the available options for your area.

The Waste Batteries Regulations

The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations Statutory Instrument 2009 No. 890

Under the Waste Battery Regulations, Connevans Limited are now required to offer a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries. You can return your waste batteries to our business premises in person but please do not post them.

Alternatively, you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at

Most supermarkets and shops that sell batteries will have collection bins for used batteries, and some town halls, libraries or schools may also set up collection points. End-users may find stores in their local area more accessible.

Additionally, most local council operated domestic refuse collections now offer free recycling of waste batteries.

For further information follow these links The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 and BIS/BERR

RoHS compliance

As a supplier of electrical & electronic equipment Connevans Limited is fully committed to provide our customers with RoHS compliant products.

In line with all manufacturers and importers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) for use within the EU, Connevans Limited is following the RoHS Directive. All of our suppliers are constantly monitored for compliance. This may result in some product lines being discontinued. All EEE is subject to restrictions on disposal at end of life.

The European-wide RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Materials) Directive places a virtual ban on the use of many substances commonly used in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) so that they cannot poison life and our environment when the product eventually becomes waste.

All new EEE products manufactured and supplied by Connevans are now RoHS compliant. Any exceptions are notified in the relevant product literature.

For further information follow this link or search RoHS


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