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Returning equipment for repair under warranty

To help us process your repair promptly we ask you to complete a 'Connevans warranty repair information form' which you can download from the 'Repair Forms' section below.

Should you not have access to a printer, you may complete and email us this form - but please do still remember to include your details in the parcel!

Many manufacturers, such as Geemarc and Audioline (Amplicomms), have dedicated customer support phone lines (contact details below) so please contact them directly in the first instance.

The costs of returning products under warranty are normally the responsibility of the purchaser - unless "dead on arrival" or within six months of purchase, in which case please contact us for the option of a pre-paid UPS Access Point return label. We reserve the right to charge for handling products clearly found to be not faulty.

Overseas purchases may be liable to the cost of overseas return, some maufacturers have overseas service centres so if you are not in the UK please contact us to confirm your nearest service centre.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for Warranty Ts & Cs.

Returning equipment for repair

We understand the need for promptly handling repairs. You can greatly help us process, repair & return your equipment speedliy by providing us clear and detailed information about the problems with your equipment.

To help you, we ask you to complete a 'Repair return form' which you can download from the 'Repair Forms' section below. Should you not have access to a printer, you may complete and email us this form - but please do still remember to include your details in the parcel - we do receive parcels with no name and address for the sender!

If, in our opinion, a repair is not economic we will contact you to discuss your options. Please tell us if you require an estimate before we start work. Payment in full will be required before equipment is returned.

If you decide not to go ahead with the repair after receiving our estimate nor purchase a replacement, we will make a standard administration charge (UK mainland) of £15 to cover the inspection and cost of returning the products to you.

Repair or replace?

When considering whether to repair or replace we would suggest you consider the following:

a) The cost of a new replacement?
b) Do current models have new features or options which you would find good?
c) The warranty period of a replacement v the repair limited warranty?
b) Your cost to return the product for repair, sending parcels can be surprisingly expensive?
c) The cost of the product repair?
d) The processing & return delivery cost?

To avoid you the possible wasted cost of return, please do contact our Customer Services team to confirm that the product you are returning is able to be repaired outside of warranty.

For products such as clocks, telephones, watches etc. repair outside of warranty is not viable. Manufacturers of these types of products rarely offer a repair service as it is regarded to be not financially viable. Having said that, we do hold as many spare parts as possible, such as power supplies, telephone leads, mains leads, microphones, headsets etc. which can often fix the problem. It is also worth enquiring locally if there are any shops or community groups who will try to repair your product, without the back and forwards transport costs the economic model can change in the favour of repair.

For products manufactured by Connevans e.g. fmGenie, SoundRanger, CRM-220, IR Swift etc. they are high value products and we can economically repair virtually anything during the full life of the product. Because we manufacture the products we have all the parts, test jigs and the expertise. The ability of Connevans to repair our own manufacture products for many years is actually a very good reason to 'buy Connevans' :)  We did once repair a CRM-220 which was run over by a bus and regularly repair Connevans products made over 15 years ago!

Phonak, Oticon & Humantechnik, amongst others, have a good repair route for their wireless products. We expect any high value equipment we supply to have a repair option for a reasonable period of time, after the warranty expires, and will work on your behalf with manufacturers to achieve this.

It is much cheaper to replace than repair low & mid value items, such as power supplies, direct input shoes, neck loops, leads etc.. Apart from the financial consideration it is not physically possible for us to repair items that are sealed or welded together. An example are moulded leads, these are the type that have their 'plastic' running over the plug and onto the cable, which cannot be repaired - but their construction does make them more reliable than non moulded ones. A direct input lead is one example of moulded lead that cannot be repaired.

Connevans do not offer a loan service during a period of repair and we would always suggest that you should have a spare of anything which you absolutely 'cannot do without' for a few days. Your local Social Services department may offer a loan service.

What if my product fails shortly after the warranty expires?

Fortunately this does not happen often but is difficult for both of us when it does. The official answer is that a warranty is for a specific period, having said that we do not wish to be unreasonable so if you have a product which fails just outside of warranty please contact us to discuss your case, we may be able to get the manufacturer to help.


What if my product fails within 1 year after the warranty expires?

Should a (non consumable) product purchased from Connevans fail within one year of the end of the warranty period please contact our Customer Services team and we will arrange for you to purchase a replacement from our website at our end column price (lowest price shown) - you can even choose a different model if you want to.


Warranties on repairs of Connevans manufactured equipment

On repaired serialised items manufactured by Connevans, if the product has been correctly used and has not been damaged through misuse, accident or neglect and has not been modified or repaired by anyone other than Connevans Limited, we will give you up to 6 months warranty on the repaired item, subject to the age of the equipment – please note that this repair warranty only applies to items manufactured by Connevans.

Equipment less than 5 years old – repair warranty 6 months.
Equipment less than 8 years old – repair warranty 3 months.
Equipment greater than 8 years  – we are happy to repair it, but it is only warranted that the repair will work when you get it back (i.e. 3 weeks if you want to put a time on it).

How do you work out how old a piece of Connevans equipment is?
There is an 8-digit serial number on all items manufactured by Connevans – the first four digits are the date of manufacture. For example: The serial number on an item might be: 11021362 – this item was made in February 2011, i.e. the first two numbers are the year, the second two are the month. Naturally, your warranty runs from when you buy the equipment not from when it was manufactured, but it is useful to know.

Our undertakings are in addition to the consumer’s statutory rights and do not affect their rights in any way.   E&OE

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