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Returning equipment for repair - product not working - FAQ's

I have a faulty product, how do I get it repaired/replaced under warranty?

Assuming the product is still less than 1 year old, and subject to the usual guarantee use and misuse terms, the repair/replacement should be under warranty so please return the faulty item to the address on the original advice note. Please remember to pack it well, include your name and address together with details of the problem you are having and when you purchased it from Connevans Limited.

Products regarded as consumables such as leads, batteries, shoes etc. are not covered by our 1 year warranty.

Please remember that the product is at your insurance risk until safely received at Connevans Limited.

If the product is over 1 year old but covered by an extended manufacturer's warranty registered with the manufacturer please return the product direct to them rather than Connevans Limited.



What are the typical questions Connevans will ask when somebody contacts customer services about a non working product?

Exactly which product are we talking about and what is the Delivery note number or order reference from when purchased from  Connevans?

We will need the product code and name plus accurate details of the product purchase from Connevans? For the purchase details we need either online order reference or Advice Note/Invoice number. If ordered online you can access this information by logging into your account. Alternatively we may be able to trace your order from the the postcode of the billing address.
If Connevans did not supply or manufacture the product please forgive us, but we have no wish to get involved!

Has the equipment ever worked?
If no, could there be customer operational error as the products we supplied do generally have very good reliability - please re-read and follow the operating instructions, we sometimes find that some people have never read them!

When the product was working did you have any problems with the general operation of it?
If no, we would have confidence that the problem is not being caused by operational error :)

Has anything changed with the way that the equipment is used?
Have you added to or changed the accessories used with it - e.g. a new TV or DVD player? Alternatively has the equipment been re-installed after moving house? Or (and we have known it happen!) do you have a new person cleaning the house who has unplugged things to use the hoover?
If yes, we would consider whether the problem has been caused by the change of circumstances rather than equipment failure.

Can you see anything which could have caused the problem?
A damaged lead, an unplugged lead, controls not set as usual, try replacing any batteries in the product or controller with new ones or lastly (following a once reported problem to a help desk about a computer failure and the user was not able to read the serial number because the room was dark) is the mains connected?
Ah well, if yes, perhaps you have the clue to the problem!

Conclusion - your product is faulty and it will need to be returned for repair or replacement

Remember to pack the unit well, using the original packaging if possible and include details of the fault. You will need to complete a Connevans repair return form. On this form please especially mention if the problem was intermittent - after you have packed the unit if you would be worried about dropping the parcel on the floor (because your shipping courrier might) we would suggest repacking it in a larger box with some more protection - remember that the package is at your insurance risk, including any damage in transit, until safely received at Connevans Limited.

If the product is out of warranty and not an economically repairable product - e.g. Earhook, direct input shoe, connecting lead, low value telephone or clock etc. - we would advise saving yourself the cost of a return and just buy a replacement - if necessary please phone us for advice.

Return products to the address on the original delivery note, with the addition of 'Repairs department' in the address including your complete 'Connevans repair form'. Avoid marking for a particular person's attention - this only delays your repair if they are not available when your parcel is received. Please never say 'as discussed on the telephone' because being human we may not remember!

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