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A Connevans introduction to the new Phonak roger radio aid platform

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Roger is a new digital wireless technology standard - an alternative to fm. The Roger digital radio system operates in the 2.4GHz band, which is globally licence free, with intelligent adaptive protocols. The Roger digital protocol has an end to end audio delay of less than 25ms.A nice Roger feature is that the system is private and cannot be eavesdropped.

The new Roger digital radio protocol is unique to Phonak.

How does Roger sound? Roger Touchscreen

Roger provides an audio bandwidth signal up to 7300 Hz, with low acoustic delay, high internal signal-to-noise ratio and no noticeable distortion.

Roger Touchscreen mic transmitter:

The successsor to the Roger inspiro, the Roger Touchscreen Mic is ideal for any student in an interactive modern classroom, providing better access to teacher and peer communication, boosting speech understanding and engagement in all activities.

Designed to be used in education, the Roger Touchscreen Mic maintains a modern, stylish appearance as well as excellent durability. It also has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with touchscreen, indicator light and handy icons for quick access to Roger functions.

Roger Pen TransmitterRoger pen

The Phonak Roger Pen transmitter is a fantastic new novel radio aid transmitter.

The Roger Pen offers a choice of both omni and directional microphone pickup characteristics as well as a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones or similar. Up to 10 Roger Pen transmitters can be used in a network for group use.

There are three colour option, sliver, petrol & ruby

By the way - the one thing you cannot do with a Roger Pen is write!

Roger Clip-On Mic transmitterRoger CLip-On mic

The Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic transmitter is small and very light in weight.

The Roger Clip-On Mic has a very effective directional microphone characteristic and works equally well when clipped to clothing, near the mouth, or hand held pointing towards the person talking.

Multiple Roger penRoger Clip-On Mics and roger Pens can work together in a network of up to 10 transmitters.

Both the Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic were designed for use in the adult market, reflected by the mobile phone Bluetooth and directional microphone features, however they are equally suited for use by independent students.

Please note that Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters will not operate in the same network as Roger Inspiro transmitters

Please see below for more information on how a Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On mic can be used.


Roger ear level receiversroger ear levelroger

Roger X receivers look similar to an existing MLxi, however when you look more closely they are 35% shorter.

The universal Roger X receiver is the 3 pin europlug version however integrated receivers, for Phonak hearing aids, are also available.

Two versions of all Roger receivers are available, type 02 for education or group use and type 03 for independent student or adult use. (more information on type 02 and type 03 receivers here).

A Roger receiver only works with Roger transmitters. Roger receivers do not lose their network association when power is lost, eg when changing a hearing aid battery.

What are the benefits of Roger?

The Roger radio aid system sees a number of nice system improvements.

The sound quality and speech recognition with the system is improved with less chance of interference. Designed to Passaroundbe simple to use, Roger has one-button connectivity and you don’t need to worry about having users on the same fm channels so system management is easier. MultiTalker networks can now include up to 35 Roger inspiro or Roger DynaMic transmitters, plus there is the addition of an EqualTalker network option where all transmitters have the same priority - particularly good in group work situations.

There is also now the concept of a SubNet where you can temporarily connect a user to a different Roger transmitter for a private conversation or detailed explanation of a topic.

roger pen and clip on micWith Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters you can have a MultiTalker network of up to 10 mixed Pen or Clip-On Mic transmitters.
(Please note that Roger Pen & Roger Clip-On Mic transmitters do not have a SubNet capability and also cannot be used in the same network with Roger inspiro transmitters).

A Connevans Tip: if you are using a Roger inspiro transmiter it is possible to introduce and run both Roger and fm radio aids side by side. In fact to trial using the new Roger technology,  if you already have an inspiro premium transmitter available, you only need to add a couple of Roger X receivers.

* inspiro & DynaMic Premiums supplied since January 2012 can have a free firmware upgrade. The firmware upgrade is simple to do and can be done by anyone with an internet-enabled computer using the inspiro USB lead. The inspiros do not need to be returned to us for upgrading. Older non-premium units are not Roger compatible and cannot be upgraded.

How does Roger affect your existing fm radio aids?

Roger and conventional fm radio aids can operate side by side without any effect of interference. However the new Roger digital system is not compatible with fm radio aids. 

What about DynaMic premium transmitters?

Good news, just as for inspiro premium transmitters they can have a free firmware upgrade to become Roger DynaMics*.

What about the SmartLink+, ZoomLink+ and EasyLink+? smartlink

These are not Roger compatible - the Roger replacements for these are the Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic

What about WallPilots?

There is a new Roger WallPilot which will connect passing Roger X receivers to the active MultiTalker Network.

What about the MyLink+ receiver? oger mylink

There is a new Roger MyLink receiver which looks the same as the previous MyLink+. Please note that existing MyLink+ units cannot be upgraded.

Roger Dynamic SoundField

Pre Roger Phonak Dynamic SoundField systems can have a free firmware update to give them full Roger Dynamic SoundField functionality. There is no change to the way that the Dynamic SoundField works other than to give it compatibility with Roger receivers and an increase to a maximum of 35 transmitters in a MultiTalker network.

What are the differences between Roger type 02 and type 03 receivers?

Information here.



How to choose - Roger or fm?

laptopIf starting a completely new system... begin by selecting the most appropriate transmitter for you. If your transmitter choice is Roger then choose Roger receivers - they will be future proofed and have the latest features and benefits. If a non Roger transmitter is more appropriate, then match this with traditional fm receivers;  Phonak traditional fm equipment will be available and supported for many years to come.

If you are currently using inspiro Premium transmitters... you can use either Roger or fm ear level receivers. Once you have done the firmware upgrade to make your inspiro Premium a Roger inspiro, you can run Roger and fm side by side without interference. Having said that, there are operational advantages of users in a class all having the same equipment.

If you are currently using SmartLink+/ZoomLink+/EasyLink+transmitters... then traditional fm is the route for you. Roger receivers are not compatible with these transmitters - check that the products you are buying all have the fm logo.


David's Roger techy corner

An established inspiro feature is the MultiTalker network with multiple inspiro or DynaMic transmitters working together. What you may not have known is that 2.4GHz has always been used for the MultiTalker network and likewise for the Phonak Dynamic SoundField.

The new Roger system works using an upgraded version of the 2.4GHz radio protocol that is currently in an inspiro premium transmitter - which is why you can upgrade it - and is in the 2.4GHz ISM (Industry, Science and Medical) radio band.

The audio bandwidth is 7.3KHz and the end-to-end audio delay is well below 25ms. Roger audio signals are digitized and packaged in very short (160μs) bursts of codes and broadcast 3 times at different channels between 2.4000 and 2.4835GHz. If the first is not received then the second is looked for etc. Digital codes inform receivers which signals are for them and which are not, ensuring privacy for the user. Roger systems monitor continuously which channels are free and adaptively hop around channels occupied by other systems at 2.4GHz.

The power consumption of a Roger X receiver, when it is active, is 3.2mA , almost the same as an MLxi.

Hello - if you would like somebody from Connevans to visit your education service for a session about the current range of radio aid equipment please email or phone 01737 247571 and ask to speak with Roger :)

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