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Comments from teachers about Soundfield Systems


Breda – teacher at a primary school in Enfield said - We are all pleased with the quality of the sound and it vastly helps with lessons in the ICT suite. I shall arrange for the speaker to be installed at a better height as we know this will improve the quality even more. We are happy to go ahead with the purchase, lots of teachers have said they would love it in the classroom.



Fiona – teacher at a secondary school in Bedfordshire – Today has gone very well. We are delighted with the way the staff have taken to the systems.



Thank you sooo much.

Just a quick note to tell you how absolutely delighted we are with our IR swift classroom system. It works beautifully and has been a major benefit to our students who are now able to hear every word.

Thank you again and keep up the great work.


Jane Kinnear, Norfolk Painting School



These are three personal comments from staff at Bohunt that use our soundfield systems in their classrooms.


Throughout my teaching career I have always had a problem with my throat, losing my voice and numerous sore throats. I even invested time and money in voice lessons a few years ago to learn how to project my voice more effectively.

The microphone/sound system has been invaluable in that I do not seem to have any of the previous problems and I do not have to raise my voice and can speak normally in class as all pupils can hear me very well. It is especially useful for working with pupils with hearing difficulties. It enables them to participate more fully in the lesson.

An added advantage is that you can wander around the room teaching and sometimes the pupils do not know where you are and you can also pick out a problem you can see at the other end of the room and raise that issue using the microphone much to the surprise of the unfocused pupil.

As with all things you learn by practice and from your mistakes. Speaking too loudly means that people in the adjoining rooms can also hear your lesson. So you need to remember not to do this.

One small drawback which is worth mentioning is to do with the actual microphone equipment. Care must be taken with the 'joining' bits as they can cause the microphone to fail. It is a weak area and I have had problems with this. A new part had to be fitted.

All things considered I would not be without it now and would recommend it to all teaching staff.


Truth be told, I was a little dubious when I was first introduced to the 'Soundfield System'. However, I soon became accustomed to using it and have noticed that it has really helped in terms of getting the attention of the whole class quickly, especially those pupils seated at the back of the laboratory who cannot always hear the teacher's instructions as clearly as those at the front of class.

Teaching a practical subject in a lab, the noise levels can become rather loud. I have found that with the 'Soundfield system' grabbing the attention of the whole class at once is much more effective.

In addition, I find that my voice is more relaxed and lower pitched when using the microphone, which is more pleasant for the pupils to listen to and for me as I do not have to strain my vocal chords.

Before using the microphone, I frequently lost my voice and suffered persistent sore throats as a result of projecting my voice, teaching in the classroom all day. I often had a ringing sensation in my ears at the end of a school day which is evidence of permanent damage. The ringing in my ears has stopped, and I'm much less susceptible to sore throats now.

Furthermore, I share the microphone with pupils who are reading or presenting their work to the class - which they seem to enjoy.

Of course, there are other important considerations such as remembering to switch it off when you go to the toilet!

On the whole, I feel that every teacher should have access to and would benefit from being able to use the soundfield system.

Rachel Bird
Science Teacher



Mrs A Wallin is a very experienced English teacher at Bohunt School in Liphook, Hampshire.

She was asked to comment on how she feels about her soundfield system now she has had it in place for a term. This is what she says;

I would be lost without it! I am certainly less tired at the end of a 6 lesson day. Having one has definitely extended my shelf life as a teacher. I was intending to retire at the end of this academic year. Having the system is a large part of the reason why I shall do another year.

Five years ago I had real voice problems and ended up having to see a speech therapist. It was damage to vocal chords. The system totally removes strain on my voice. As an English teaching aid it really adds to the performance element - reading from texts, poetry etc. As a method of class control it is fabulous!

I particularly enjoy the many singing opportunities it affords me and frequently will take 'requests' from the kids.

Angela Wallin

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