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I have 2 x Baha Listener 22 which are defective - one is dead and one is muffled, do you have any suggestions?

Are there any physical signs of damage and have you tried fitting new batteries?

Rather than returning the whole unit we need to work out which parts are working and which are not  - from your email I am not sure if you have tried the units yourselves?

If you have a working unit in stock please use that to establish which parts are faulty – if not please follow the below process

There are three elements:

  • Baha stem – with a 3.5mm plug
  • The amplifier unit
  • Headphones

Can I please ask you to do the following:-

  • Fit new batteries
  • The headphones have  standard 3.5mm plug so please a) try the headphones in some other device (perhaps an ipod listener?) and b) try different headphones.
  • The amplifier actually has an internal microphone, so please unplug the BAHA stem and listen to the amplifiers to check the amplifiers themselves.
  • The BAHA stems are more difficult to test without a BAHA, are you able to perhaps borrow a BAHA, we have found the cochlear reps very helpful and they have given us an old model for our testing – the stems are also the smallest part (although the most expensive) – so if you have eliminated the rest of the system they are small if we need to have them back.

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