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Listening to the TV FAQs

I am confused about all the different sockets on the back of my new TV!  Which can I use to connect my listening device?  Download our information sheet here

In regards to part number 93ILDIR (wireless listener) does sound still come out of the TV so other people in the room can listen to it when its plugged in? Read answer here

I have connected into a SCART socket on my TV, but your product must be faulty because I can hear the TV progammes fine but am unable to hear the sound when watching a DVD? Read answer here

I have just had a new DVD fitted to my TV system and now the loop is faulty and picking up the TV sound when I watch a DVD, if I return the loop amplifier for repair how long will it take? Read answer here

We seem to get interference and the sound is very faint on our loop amplifier? Read answer here

I am investigating options for my parents who both wear hearing aids but have difficulty listening to the TV. They use subtitles but these are not always useful for live programmes. I have seen the assistive listening devices on your website but am unsure about which would be the most useful. Is there one which can be used by two individuals, especially without too much wiring? Read answer here

When using an assistive listening device is the sound sufficiently amplified through the hearing aid to enable them to hear speech clearly? Read answer here

I am looking to get a headset for my Nan to enable her to listen to the television. She currently has a hearing aid in one ear and no hearing in the other. I am considering the crescendo system, will it allow my Nan to listen to the television at a comfortable volume whilst the others in the room can listen at a standard volume?

Does the Crescendo system have a wireless headset? And if not can it be made wireless with an add-on?

Is the Crescendo system easy to use once set up?

Read answer here

Could you please tell me if there are any headphones I can plug into my TV that will allow me to hear the TV whilst other people listen to programs through the TV's normal speakers? Read answer here

Do you have a powerful headphone for music or tv connection so I can hear sound etc from the headphone without hearing aids which cause whistles. I am profoundly deaf and most headphones from normal shops are not powerful for us profound deaf you have that kind? Read answer here

Just in case you are not familiar with what a SCART and other connectors look like, we have a useful reference guide. See guide here

Hello, I hope you can help me. I visit clients at home to support them with their hearing loss and I have had many queries regarding digital TV and their loop systems.

Some have had digital boxes installed and afterwards the induction loop via scart fitted are picking up the correct picture but the signal from ordinary TV, not the program they want to watch? Read answer here

I have a set of silent headphones from you, when we plug into the TV my mother cannot hear the sound - is this normal or are the headphones faulty ? Read answer here

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