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I have a hearing problem, I was told I can make a declaration so I don't have to pay the VAT, how do I do this?

On the website you are able to make an online VAT declaration to receive zero rating for VAT purposes, but please note - this will only apply when you place an order for eligible products.

1. If you add an item with a green smiley VAT icon to your basket by entering the quantity and pressing the buy button  - you will see the following VAT relief message. You will need to tick the box located next to the green smiley icon and then you will have to indicate the nature of your diability or illness:



2. When you have ticked the box and entered the nature of your disability or illness you will see the following message and the purchase will receive VAT relief:



3. If you purchase an eligible item along with an item that is not eligible for VAT relief, you will only be charged VAT on the non eligible item.



4. When you purchase an eligible product plus an accessory relevent to the item (ie: a pack of batteries) we are allowed to accept a VAT declaration. Any associated accessories purchased at a later date, separately from the eligible product would have to have VAT charged - because they are not items specifically designed to help a disability.


The law also states that we have to have a valid declaration at the time of supply and for each purchase so there is no provision to refund VAT retrospectively or accept a blanket declaration - sorry!

You will see the following icons alongside products on the website:

A green (happy) VAT icon indicates that we can accept a disability declaration and not charge VAT on that product.

A red (sad) VAT icon indicates that the product is not designed specifically with disability in mind and VAT must be paid.

The happy/sad icon indicates mixed status. An example is that if you purchase batteries on their own VAT must be paid in the UK and EU. However if your are purchasing batteries for use with a 0% VAT eligible product then we are permitted to not charge VAT on a limited number supplied at the time of purchase.*

*There is a limit to the number of alarm clocks or telephones that you may reasonably purchase for personal use. You can order as many of one product from our DeafEquipment website as you wish, but VAT will be charged if it is obvious that they are not for your own use.

Please visit here to read a further explanation on VAT


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